Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can't Sleep Exited

So, I have been totally hectic these past few days. Turns out my grandmother and aunt are coming to visti from Mexico, so we were head over heels trying to fix up the house and make it gleam.
So, we have been dusting, shopping, cutting, painting, and talking on the phone! Not, to sound to occupied but I also have school and work on top, who-hooo!
Anyway I'm super exited because they will be here tomorrow, I am leaving at 7am to go pick them up from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). I also have been in the kitchen the last 3-4 hours baking a beautiful chocolate cake that I will write about after I taste it. It now sits in my fridge, waiting,... waiting anxiously to be eaten... waiting for my grandma to cut the cake!!!

Well, I'm off to bed!! Got to wake up early tomorrow!!

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