Thursday, December 4, 2008

finals!! Yeah!!

Yeah, the semester is coming to a draw. Yup that's why I'm actually blogging again. Not that I havent been blogging at myspace and facebook, they are kind of compulsive behaviour. But, since my mother also took my DSRL and my Digi Kodak away I had to wait till black Friday to go buy a new camera....
So finally here it is my first december post... I'm guessing that now with the holidays more will come... Yup Yup

So this is my final for my Quantity Class... The entree was a chicken marsala with linguine and cauliflowers....

Very italian!! Gracie!!

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Daniel Koontz said...

Hi P&A!
I'm glad you're back! And good luck with the rest of your finals, I know you'll do great. Looking forward to more posts!

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