Monday, December 22, 2008


There are many things I love in life, too many to put up in a post, it would take days to read. It would sound like a speech, "Hi, my name is Aracely and I like dark chocolate truffles, sour apple Martinis I enjoy rainy days and long walks on the beach, etc.
But there are only a couple of things in the culinary world that I absolutely adore and could never ever give up. they are bread, cheese and wine. Yes, epitome of the Old World.

So, I decided to dedicate this post to those three things in areas that are related to my life right now.

The first is the beautiful dinner rolls I baked as my baking final. They were in two designs the traditional round, and the knott. They are decorated with egg wash and poppy seeds.
I loved how they tasted warm and out of the oven, buttery yeasty smell. OH, they were good.

The second is wine. I love wine, I love to go wine sampling, my job involves a big wine culture and I recently started reading the biography of the Robert Mondavi Family.

The HOuse of MOndavi is an epic tale of family feud, wine history, friendships lost and gained, love, hate and lots of crushed grapes. It is everything you would expect from America's most famous wine dynasty.

And finally for cheese I wanted to praise the coming of of fondue. Yep, its everywhere this holiday season. There is fondue pots, fondue books, recipe's and lots of cheese.

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