Saturday, June 28, 2008

Favorite June Things

So, the end of the month is nearing!! And I though I’d just post some of the things I’m crazy about this month!!
1. I am completely fond of going to
Fresh & Easy!
a British store giant that is setting up shop in Southern California and Nevada. The stores are small and they offer organic, local produce.
2. I also love these cute little chocolate cakes I found one day at the market!! They come from France, and are for babies, containing only 110 calories per serving!! Lulu Bears (from
here I come!!
3.Home made ricotta cheese and home made yogurt are in my top ten lists!! Sure they are more time consuming, and you should definitely eat them faster, yet they are delicious 100 times over their counter parts that come bottled up in the store. Next post is on how to make them!!
4.Basil!! Basil!!! Basil!! I recently discovered the beauty of basil and its versatility. Oh, my God!! I use it all the time!! And it smells so, so good!!
5. America’s Test kitchen and Food! Networks
Good Eats
are my favorite food programs.
I recently became a fan of Test kitchen, then I bought the last season on DVD, I’m thrilled and Good East is very down to earth funny show and it really has good stuff.

So, There my top five favorite things!!!

Happy June!!

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KitchenGirl said...

yes! LuLu bears are the best! :)

Nice to meet you... love your blog.