Friday, May 9, 2008

So everyone is aware that mother’s day is on Sunday!! The big question is do you and mom go out to dine, or do you make a fancy dinner and surprise her!!
Both are great options, I am opting to do both! Tomorrow that is Mothers Day in Mexico (my mothers and grandmother’s home country), I am cooking a 4 –course meal complete with wine parings, and chocolate tasting!
I am exited; it’s going to be a surprise!! Shhhh!
Since I just “learned” to decorate a table and utilize the fine dinning table setting. Here is my final presentation for Restaurant Banquet Operations!

So anyway I am setting an elegant table, cooking,
and then at 7:00 PM surprising mommy!
The menu:

Phyllo squares with goat cheese topping
Japanese sake
Tomato Cilantro Soup
Mushroom Risotto with grilled zucchinis

Dessert sampler: Maria chocolate biscuit/ apple tart squares/ white chocolate
covered grapes
Rosse Champagne

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