Monday, July 14, 2008

Are we Earth's last generation?

It has taken me three drafts to write this post. As a former journalism major I know that the first line is the hardest to write.
Yet, I felt compelled to do this post because the former world that I am used to is crumbling around us.
The U.S. Economy is in the slumps. The “big three” car manufactures have reported major losses; GM leading the line with more than 30%, then Ford. The housing market as every one knows just keeps on falling. And the lending sector that went hand in hand is also suffering major losses. As of today Indy Mac Back has been seized by the FDIC and people lined up by the dozens outside their door. The image brought images from the history books the Great Depression and everyone trying to withdraw their savings.
Retailers and restaurants are not reporting growth and a server at a mid-range restaurant I can vouch for this phenomenon.
If I stray a little from our self-centered country and look more to east I can see the violence and hunger in Africa. There are many countries that are living in poverty unimaginable by us North Americans. I read somewhere that homeless in the United States can be considered well off in comparison. In
people, little children of less than 5 work pounding rocks. To exacerbate their misery there is guerilla fighting and political problems. I could go on forever about the many problems that plague that side of our beautiful Earth.
These are all very important concepts; yet, I also wanted to make this blog about the ecological changes in our Earth. I am a big environmentalist. I try to buy local, I try to buy produce in season, I recycle bottles and paper, and all sorts of packaging. I try to use environmentally friendly products, manufacture handbags made from recycled clothes, and plan to intern at
Farm Sanctuary
. But I am also a realist and know that alone I can’t save Earth.
Recently there has been an abundance of movies related to this cause; there is the former vice-president’s documentary
An Inconvenient Truth
Leonardo DiCaprio’s
The 11th Hour!
, CNN’s
Planet in Peril
and many more, I’m sure. The problem is not finding people to sit and watch, the problem is finding people to get up and act.
Are we Earth's Last Generation?

I often find myself wondering if we are Earth’s last generation. The forests are disappearing as I blog, the oceans and wetland are drying and species that in them live are dying. The fields of harvest are over plowed and over used. Big tractors that rampage over the soft land, have replaced the hand that lovingly turned the soil.
And humans have some how lost the connection with our roots.
I hope this motivates you to go and find out how to “go green”; but to do it from the heart and help save the Earth!!

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