Thursday, July 10, 2008

strange summer ice cream

It’s been a strange summer here in Southern California. Sometimes its hot, sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s plain confusing. It must be global warming and I’m not joking (but, Ill talk about that later).
But I don’t care, summer is summer and summer deserves ice cream!! Now, I know that there are million of brands out there, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, cones and ice cream by the tub (good after you’ve just broken up with the love of you life =)), but home made ice cream can’t be beat!
It brings memories of long gone childhood days that used to be better. Lazy summers with no computer or video games, only the lasting sunlight and our imaginations. Running tired and hot into the kitchen and helping mom or grandma make popsicles with chocolate syrup and milk. And the folkloric colors of the ice cream at the markets in Mexico, the woman behind the counter made the ice cream everyday. It came in every flavor imaginable… from traditional lemon, to caramel, to rompope, cucumber and exotic avocado. That among many things I miss from my native country, but the other day I went to our local Hispanic market and bought mamey. According to The Prentice Hall Dictionary of Culinary Arts: mamey; mamey apple; mamee apple; mamey plum; (ma-MAY) A fruit (Mammea Americana) native to the west Indies; the size of a large orange, it is spherical with slight points at the top and bottom and has a tough, matte-brown, bitter-flavored skin; the firm, golden flesh has a flavor reminiscent of an apricot. According to me; mamey is a fruit I used to love in Mexico and also a great flavor for ice cream.
So, on a not so hot summer day, I set out to make some ice cream!! The recipe came from; The Best of Cooking Light 2006 I made some small variations.

Mamey Ice Cream:
12 oz unflavored soy milk
2oz splenda
2 large yolks
2oz nonfat dry milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
8 oz mashed mamey

1. Combine 8 oz milk, splenda, egg yolk in a small heavy saucepan, stir with a whisk. Place over medium heat, stirring constantly. Do so for 8 or so minutes until it reaches 180F. Remove from heat.
2. Pour custard into a cool bowl; place bowl over ice water and let cool completely. Combine 4oz milk, dry milk, and vanilla. Stir into custard mamey.
3. Cover and chill.
4. Pour into freezer can or ice-cream and freeze according to instructions. About 1 hour!

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