Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cypress College Culinary

So, here I am late into the night doing my homework. And then in the midst everything I had a bright idea. Yes, one can have a bright idea at 10:43 PM, after having beeb awake since 6:00AM, going to school all day and eating apple pie half an hour ago.
I though I'd do a post on my school! Yes, a post on Cypress Culinary College. It's not a big name school, in fact it's a small community colle. But the facilites are very good, the curriculum is very well crafted and the teachers are the best. I feel like a small community of friends and family, when I go there. A lot of the students know eachother, they help eachother, they eat with eachother and once in a while they party together.. Hey, you gotta have some fun.
I love the classes, we are getting new menu for our small caffe, we are getting a new computer system, and the culinary classes give structure and freedom.
Like today, we had complete Moroccan Menu for our sit-down restaurant.
I could have gone to Oregon (where I wanted to go) and study at Bend Community College and their complete pastry program, or Le Cordon Blue and their "French Cuisine" or the highly respected CIA which I might one day go, after I have a few years in the industry under my belt. But for today, I'm content with my small community college, our 5 or 6 teachers, our huge kitchen, and our small caffe that is open 4 hours a day.
It's a home away from home!
And if you'd like to visit the website, here its is. I'll post some pics of me in my uniform soon!!

Cypress College Culinary

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Manger La Ville said...

I think those are best places to learn it. Small with people who care...