Monday, September 29, 2008

Favorite September things

I wanted to acknowledge the end of September by posting my favorite things for September. This has truly been a month of learning; I don’t just mean learning at school, that I do every month. I mean learning in the school of life, taking those hard hits that make us realize all the good things us already posses.
1. Leaning that the job you had is better than the new one you got, and having the courage to admit it and go back.
2. Starbuck’s new breakfast offering, the oatmeal and dried fruits is delicious! And, yes Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!! Hip-hip hurray!!
Starbucks Coffee!!

3. Learning to make pastry cream, and adding shredded coconut!! Coconut Pie is coming!!
4. Buying School Books, Opening the pages, seeing their glossy shine, the smell new textbooks have, of unused paper, running my hand over the cover and knowing that in a few months I will not used them again!!
5. Olive Garden’s wheat pasta!!

Life is so complicated in today’s world, the economy is a growing concern, it shadowed the Olympics, it is downplaying the election and all the other things we take for granted. Global warming, Wars, and political conflicts also play a part in the many things that worry us today.
Time is limited and time for bonding is scarce, and when we use that time with out iPods, and laptops instead of sharing with another human being. But, its those special little things, the smiles you get when you go out to eat and the server gives you a laugh, the little sprinkles of rain that mark the beginning of fall, your favorite song playing in the radio, seeing the sky turn fiery red when the sun goes down, learning that bad things are not always so bad.

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