Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poem to my Mother...

Will you be my hero?

And dry away my tears

Will you walk with me in the dark?

I will be your hero and

Keep you from your fears?

And hold your hand when you are lost

Will you be my friend

When no one want to be?

I will be your friend and help you see

life is worth fighting for

Will you be my shelter

And keep me safe from harm?

And read me a story to fall asleep

I will be your shelter

And keep you warm

And make you smile when you are sad

Will you be my angel

And carry me in your wings

When I am weak?

And guide my path in life

I will be your angel

And give you words when you cant speak

And keep and eye for you

Will you be my teacher

And tell me what is wrong?

I will be your teacher

And keep you strong

so you don't fall apart when things don't go your way

OH will you be my all

I will help you when you fall

Will you be there for me?

I will always help you be

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