Saturday, August 15, 2009

Portland Revisited...

Well, I though since I haven't done any new recipes this week because I have been super busy getting home, then I work three days straights friday, saturday, and sunday closing nights. (OMG). And catching up with friends before I start school on Monday and Tuesday is the company picnic which I'm helping in. So, I am going to update more on my beautiful trip to Portland, Oregon.

The places where we ate at where really fun, we went to this Mexican food place called MUCHAS GRACIAS mexican food, on Weildler and 5th in the Lloyd District. It was our first night there and we were not really keen on walking a lot so we just crossed our finger and stopped there. It turned out the food was really good and they had a Chile Relleno Burrito. I ordered that since I am vegetarian and it was really good. It had a chile relleno with beans and rice, housed inside a flour tortilla. Talk about carbo loading!!

The second day after driving down to see the Columbia River about two hours, we came back to Portland and ate at this french bistro on the Pearl District. It was called Fenouil, very fancy on the inside yet the food was very economical and satisfying. They had Pommes Frittes (French Fries) and also this great Tarte au Saumon (salmon tart). It was awesome!

The third day we ate our own food, bought at the handy dandy SafeWay just a couple of blocks away from the Crown Plaza we were staying at. But at night we went to Cafe D'Art which was also a couple blocks away. It was a very bohemian coffee house, which I felt captured the spirit of the city. Eclectic, Soulful and Friendly. The day was a perfect Oregon Day, tiny rain drops fell outside giving a fresh feeling. And me and my mom sat and ordered tea made from dried leaves and enjoyed the reading materials. They also sold pastries, wine and gelatto at the coffee shop.

The final day we stayed at MarinePolis this hole in the wall sushi restaurant that my mom discovered as we were walking bye on out way to the hotel. There was a lot of people waiting so we figured it was good. There was a band running across the restaurant, and tiny sushi plates came rolling bye, each had a price on it, ranging from $1 to $3. The Miso soup was also $1 and dessert Green Tea Ice Cream was only $1.50. Between my mom and me we had Crab Salad Rolls, Salmon, Tuna, Bean Rolls, House Rolls, and Fried Fish. Each plate contains only 2 or 3 tiny portions so its not a lot. I enjoyed the experience, the serving staff which consisted of only 3 server were friendly and I loved it.

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