Friday, August 14, 2009

Portland, Tillamook and Me


So, for the past week i went to visit Oregon, a state that has been a fascination to me for quite some time now. My mother and I took a six day trip to Portland, Oregon perhaps it's most famous city. Often called the City of Roses, Portland is a little rainy paradise. However, I could not help but ride over to Tillamook City, where of cousrse where the cheese factory lies.

I imagined a much larger factory after all it was almost two hours drive from the city, but no matter the cheese samples made up for it. Once inside you can see its history, and view how they pack the cheese, you can also get in a loooong line and take samples from different varieties of their cheese. My personal favorite ? Why, the cheese curds!

It was a fun day, actually it was a fun week and I wish it never would have ended.!

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